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Starting production in 1975, Beşel Corporation became one of the leading companies in the fields of packaging, packing and industrial plastics production, first in the Thrace region and then the rest of Turkey. Committed to the highest standards of quality without making compromises, Beşel Corporation has expanded beyond the borders of Turkey to become a global brand that exports to more than 80 countries today...

Our company has been engaged in the production of plastic materials for packaging, packing and industrial applications since 1975. With more than forty years of experience and modern facilities and modern equipment, we manufacture, laminate, cover and cut various foils, films and tapes, in particular aluminum foil, and polyethylene and polyester film. We manufacture plastic films, aluminum foil, laminated paper, cable insulation films and tapes for the flexible packaging industry and foils for the ventilation sector.

Operating from our 42,000m 2 production facility, at Beşel , we have a production capacity of 3500 metric tons per month, and employ 175 members of staff who are well-versed in the industry thanks to our years of experience and accumulated know-how. We are continuing our investments to expand our product range and customer portfolio both in Turkey and around the globe, as well as increasing our production capacity on the basis of the principle “quality and customer satisfaction come first”.

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