Fire Resistant Tapes


Mica is responsible for the outstanding fire resistance of our tapes. The mica fuses together and to the copper conductor when exposed to fire, thus forming a mechanically resistant and electrically insulating layer. Mica is an alumino-silicate mineral with laminar structure. Phlogophite Mica tape ( film coated ) for fire-resistant cable consist of the heat resistant phlohophite mica paper bonded to an electrical grade glass cloth as the supporting fabric, impregnated with a specially selected high temperature resistant silicon resin. For the excellent flame resisting characteristics, it has been widely used for power and control cables, instrumentation and signaling cables etc. Due to the very high flexibility and high tensile strength ,this tape can be easily applied with high speed standard wrapping equipment.

Typical Properties

    Exceptional high dielectric strength at high temperature
    High fire resistance
    High tensile strength
    Strong resistance to radiation, acid, and alkali
    No-toxic under high temperature
    Excellent flexibility
    Withstand up to 950℃

* ASTM 882 ; 100 mm/min ; IEC 371-3-8

Toplam Kalınlık 140 mic ( +/- 20 mic )
Birim Ağırlık 195 gr/sqm ( + / - 20 )
Dielektrik direnci > 5 kV
Gerilme direnci (MD) Min. 150 N/15 mm
Mika içeriği Min. 55 % by weight


Flame-retardant halogen-free tapes of woven glass fabric for high-temperature / flame-retardant security cables. They function as fire barrier within cables which need to meet more demanding fire propagation and fire survival requirements.

Kalınlık0,13 mm
Birim ağırlık 160 gr/sqm
Alkali metal oksit içeriği < 0.5 %
Emilim içeriği < 2.2 %
Gerilme direnci > 300 N/cm
LOI > 55 % (GB5454)


Polyimide films are strong, transparent, amber – coloured, plastic films showing excellent physical, chemical, electrical properties at an extremely wide temperature range.

These films don’t melt and are fire resistant as they have the highest UL–94 flammability rating: V0. They can therefore be used at high or low temperatures where other organic polymeric material would not be suitable.

Polyimide film is usually applied directly on the copper conductor helixially.


PTFE films are resistant to elevated temperatures and inert to almost all chemicals. What’s more it is characterized by very good gliding properties and by a high relative permittivity. It’s used especially in aviation and automotive cables where high temperature service rating and superior electrical properties are desired. ( like harnesses for electrical wiring in automotive and aerospace applications, where high dielectric strength and high temperature resistance are requisite.)

PTFE film is usually applied directly on the copper conductor helixially.