Gravure Coated Laminated Products


 Technical details:

  • • Produced by gravure lamination technology.
  • • It can be heat-sealed directly on foamed/bubbled pe sheets.
  • • It can be laminated with printed PET/OPP to make triplex structures in economical & fast way.


 Technical details:

  • • Produced by gravure lamination technology
  • • Up to 1600 mm width available
  • • White solid ground available suitable for top printing – big saving on white ink

Used for:

Single-use wet napkins, instant coffee – whitener packs


 Technical details:

  • • Cost effective solution for wet wipes, refreshment tissues
  • • White surface is suitable for printing; gray inside layer make light-block and hides the product inside
  • • Available also as PET – PE barrier film versions
  • • Ready to print


Highest quality flexible ducts can be produced by permanently bonding laminates of Aluminium Foil/Polyester Film to a spring steel wire helix. The aluminium foil in the structure gives excellent barrier and fire proof properties; while PET film in the structure provides the mechanical strength of the ducts. These duplex or triplex laminates form the walls of flexible air ducts. Scrim reinforced versions are available.

Alu7PET12 22 39 25,6
Alu7PET12Alu7 32 61 16,4
Alu9PET12 24 44 22,7
Alu9PET12Alu9 36 72 13,9