Metallized & Clear Pet Films

High quality flexible ducts can be produced by permanently bonding clear or metalized polyester film to a spring steel wire helix. The Metalized / Polyester laminated inner core provides outstanding resistance and durability.

Thickness(mm) gr/m2m2/kg
8 mic 11,2 89
9 mic 12,6 79
10 mic 14,0 71
12 mic 16,8 60

Alu Foil / Pet Film Lamination

ighest quality flexible ducts can be produced by permanently bonding laminates of Aluminium Foil/Polyester Film to a spring steel wire helix. The aluminium foil in the structure gives excellent barrier and fire proof properties; while PET film in the structure provides the mechanical strength of the ducts. These duplex or triplex laminates form the walls of flexible air ducts.

Alu7PET12 22 39 25,6
Alu7PET12Alu7 32 61 16,4
Alu9PET12 24 44 22,7
Alu9PET12Alu9 36 72 13,9

Pe Coated Metallized Pet Film

Economical ; heat-sealable to foamed PE sheets and air buble sheets for radiant barrier with excellent reflective properties. Silver & gold mettallized versions available. Scrim reinforced versions are available.

12metPET10PE 22 26 38,5

Scrimmed Foil-Film-Paper Laminates

Facings for various mineral wool applications like rolls, panels, lamella mats, pipe sections and mattresses.
Heat sealable
Emissivity for lacquered and non-lacquered aluminium surface 0.05
Good water vapour barrier
Very strong kraft paper
Yarn reinforced edges

Anti-Bacterial Coated Aluminium Foil

Besel can offer silver-ion based anti-bacterial coated aluminium foil. This product is especially designed for hygienic HVAC applications. Anti-bacterial coating is effective against a wide range of bacteria and fungi (some of them listed below).