Plastic Injected Products

Besel is producing end-boards for the packaging of foils – films and other roll materials.

 Technical details:

  • • 400 mm x 400 mm for Ø 76 mm ID
  • • 720 mm x 720 mm for Ø 152 mm ID
  • • 840 mm x 800 mm for Ø 152 mm ID

Plastic Cast Sheet Products

BESELFLEX is a flexible cable drum cover; made of UV resistant white PE film laminated to black UV resistant PE base sheet.
BESELFLEX needs to be wrapped around the drum; and needs to be fixed by applying a plastic or metal strap around the drum. White side of the cover looks outside; black-side looks inside the drum.

 Technical details:

  • • It’s made of 100% PE and, fully recyclable
  • • Impact proof against falling objects; forklift touches and compression from wooden drums
  • • Moisture-proof ; and weather-proof against rain and snow
  • • Anti-termite
  • • UV-proof against sunlight
  • • Personalization with company logos available